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Friday, February 22, 2013

This is it! - Summary of SEO Contest

Summary of SEO Contest:

It's sad that a tragedy happened in Hyderabad today which is also where this agwesome College events are happening..

I just can't ignore this and go on with my last posting of this contest..So just wanted to make this post a tribute to the lost souls.RIP.

As for the status of this contest..things are looking better now. 1st rank in Bing and Duckduckgo search engines for my blog as of now, which is great. Still Google not letting my blog in the top place. Hmm, got to check the actual reason and logic behind it.

Anyway, here are some of the notable points on SEO that I learned by participating in this contest.


  1. Visitors interaction would make an impact to the search ranking of a page and commentluv plugin proved that as my post on commentluv is at the top of Google results.
  2. The age old link building strategy still works and better links are better than large number of low quality links.
  3. Link juice is something that you can create on your own blog itself and for that every post in your blog or site should be properly linked and accessible. 
  4. Making sure to remove unwanted links such as "read more", edit buttons, etc..
  5. Authorship indeed will play a significant impact in SEO in the future and present.
  6. Google plus is a great social media to get indexed quickly and to get traffic, which are relevant.
  7. Wordpress is incredibly SEO optimized as default. Choosing the right theme is the key and 3 level depth can bring nice categorizing of posts.
  8. Search engines are still vulnerable to black hat tricks. Keyword stuffing still works, at least for short period of time before getting a panda kick.
It's been a great learning experience and this contest kept me pretty busy in my home. So what are the negative impact?
  1. Got removed the license to contribute to yahoo answers.(banned) sad...
  2. Banned by a couple of SEO communities in Google plus..
My biggest worry was losing my mail ID and Google profile..eventually things gone OK. Got to start buildup my Google plus image as quality content producer. 

Finally had to appreciate the Felicity organizers, they really done a great job. The Q/As from the events of Felicity are pretty good, tough at least for my standards. And they made this event a nation wide competition, which is awesome. I know this looks like flattering but to be honest they've done good job at least in terms of online communication, mails, FB updates about events, Felicity website and promo video..that is all I can notice online as I couldn't go for this event in person.

Started this blog late..but I hope I did pretty much well and got it rank high..but high enough?
Feb 23..this is it!
Lets Jump High and Hit the Roof!