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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Social Media as SEO


seocontestatiiithyderabad - Social Media as SEO

Social networking sites have become a great way to boost traffic. 

All you need is an awesome content to be shared with and some cool friends or influential followers with many friends. You can get your post go viral in social media but its not easy.

So What are the option you have for Social Media?

It's obvious that giants like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter will come to the picture. Other than this you can share it with Reddit, Stumbleupon, Dig etc.

As for the giants  I prefer the G giant  The reason is with communities you can share posts relevant to a particular community with members who might be interested in your post and eventually getting some visitors.Also for promoting site as a Page Google page is the best way to do it. And that is what I did for this SEO contest At IIIT Hyderabad for SEOContestAtiiitHyderabad and the results are immediate.

This G+ page SEOContestAtiiitHyderabad got indexed in SERP quickly and is currently available in 2nd page of SERP and hence along with it my blog. As we talked about the importance of verified authorship, this G+ page SEO Contest At iiit Hyderabad will get more value and importance for SEOContestAtiiitHyderabad.

As for Facebook is concerned, I don't want to look as a spammer to my friends in the quest of this SEO contest. So restrained from doing it as of now. And twitter is still a mystery for me as I'm not active in tweeting. FB and G+ takes a lot of time in my daily activity and so there is no space for twitter.

So with Social media as a SEO lets see how my ranking for SEOContestAtiiitHyderabad will impact in this contest.