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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Commentluv SEO Experiment1 - SEOContestAtIIITHyderabad


Commentluv - SEOContestAtIIITHyderabad

Hi guys/gals, this is my first blog post of the allowed 10 for the seo contest at IIIT Hyderabad. Since I have 30 days and 10 posts, I'll try to test 10 mythical SEO techniques which you may find controversy or doesn't work anymore or not sure if you can use.

In this post I'm going to test the impact of having commentluv in a blog post. In case you are not aware of this plugin yet, here is an intro.

Commentluv commenting system encourages visitor engagement in discussion as it rewards them with a link to their latest post at the end of the comment. Commentluv pro has advanced options which provides more control over the settings like making dofollow or nofollow links, G+ upvote option to show 10 latest post to link to etc..

So basically you get a dofollow link for reading and leaving a honest non-spammy comment.

But here are some of the conflicting yet intriguing point on commentluv.
  • It encourages visitors to comeback your blog more often to check for any latest posts or updates for an opportunity to comment and a reward of a dofollow link. So loyal visitors..a plus for your site and a SEO.
  • To make a non-spammy comment visitors have to read through the entire post to make a proper and relevant comment in order to get their comments through moderation. So increase in the time spent by visitors..a SEO.
  • To get a dofollow link from a relevant niche visitors may be encouraged to dig deep in the site's archive. So less bounce rate..a SEO.
  • A large number of comments with large number of dofollow links are meant to be leaking site juice to the linking sites. So harming the host having commentluv? A negative SEO?
  • The first 3 points are suppose to happen naturally and that's what google wants. So because of commentluv it happens a lot less un-naturally. So will google ignore these parameters from commentluv?
  • What it is like to be seen as a site with large number of links to other sites from Google's perspective? 
Sharing your thoughts and experience on commentluv or this post is most valid. After all this post is all about commentluv, so your interaction will answer my questions and I'd luv to share the results of SEO if any. Thanks.