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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Google Bing Duck SERP Analysis


So it's getting close and everyone is feeling the pressure as only 3 more  days to go to find the winner of SEO Contest at IIIT Hyderabad 2013. I've  been receiving events mail from the Felicity group for the upcomming events and the quality of questions they asked were pretty awesome(tough). The organizers
have a great job.

As for this post, we are going to discuss the search engine results page of Google, Bing and Duckduckgo for the ultimate SEOContestatIIITHyderabad ranking.

Google SERP:

The pattern what I noticed in Google's search engine results page is that it shows and brings new content relavant to keyword SEOContestatIIITHyderabad stuffed in the titles and description. I believe it's just to see if that new content is relevant and important and helpfull for that keyword. "to see" in a sense by evaluating the user behaviour and eventually 100+ factors..

But what is striking is that Google algorithm is still beatable but only in a short term. And I think it's just part of the plan for Google to bring all kinds of content at 1st page of search results and then hitting the nail. Like bringing  into the cage to kill.

Bing SERP:

Bing's search results for SEOContestatIIITHyderabad is quite unstable. The ranking varies regularly with short duration which just gives me the impression that it depends on both yahoo and it's own bots. So processing both the input induces the fluctuation.

Obviously the rate at which the indexing takes place in bing is slower compared to Google's indexing and so new content will take time to showup in bing's search results.

Duckduckgo SERP:

The most complex and unpredictable search result comes from duckduckgo. Right now it shows a post from my blog at the top of the search results page but to be honest it's not that great of a post for the keyword SEOContestatIIITHyderabad. But for some reason its right at the top, my luck I suppose!!

It's complex because duckduckgo takes input from various sources and it doesn't have any bots of it own to index. So the ranking doesn't seem to change for quite some days even though new contents are pouring everywhere.

In the mean time I've been working hard to get visitor to my blog and to get them
comment to see the effect of commentluv as SEO and building some backlinks. Got to
wait and watch..losing my finger nails :(